Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Frankly, Al? You're An Effin' Retard

So Franken has a new book coming out. Let us all rejoice and give praise. It's about how Bush won the election and his apparent inability to affect change in the country.... Can't wait.

Anyway, in today's amNewYork (ever the stalwart bastion of hard-hitting journalism), he gave a quick little interview for promotional purposes. I found his answer to how the mainstream media is covering the administration quite reassuring:

I think they've done a pretty awful job. I think after 9/11 they were intimidated and cowed into giving [Bush] favorable press.

Obviously nothing new. But no matter how many times I read or hear of a liberal proclaiming that the media is in the pocket of the Republicans, I just get 17 kinds of happy inside.

'Cause if the Left is seriously this delusional/stupid/moronic/retarded/dense, then it really doesn't matter how many administration officials get indicted. It doesn't matter how corrupt and evil Republicans are made out to be.

Dumb. Always. Loses. Elections.

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