Tuesday, November 29, 2005

All About The Benjamins

Mother Sheehan's speaking at the State University College at Oneonta tonight. It'll be a one hour affair for which she'll be taking home $11,000.

Worried that the College Union Activities Council may appear one-sided, they also booked a FoxNews analyst and Iraq War veteran, Lt. Col. Scott Rutter. He'll be taking home $600.

(Rutter’s) getting paid whatever he asked for. (Sheehan’s) getting paid whatever she asked for.

Speaks volumes. I guess book sales haven't taken off quite as much as anticipated, huh Cin? What I find interesting (aside from the venue capacity - 800 for Sheehan vs. 75 for Rutter) is that the school's lecture budget for the year is around $37,000. Sheehan will be taking about a third of that.

Mommy really misses you Casey....

Thanks to Ms. Malkin.

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