Friday, November 11, 2005

Happy 10,000!!!

Cracked the 10,000 mark today. Small beans in the wide-world of blogosphere traffic, but a nice little "grave milestone" that I can call my own.

Thanks to everyone who reads and links to this humble little site. Ace, Karol, Dave, the dynamic duo over at GayPatriot, the other dynamic due over at Malcontent, Michelle Malkin (even though you haven't linked me yet, I have high hopes that one day... one day it'll happen and all my dreams will come true), and everyone else who I most certainly forgot.

A special thanks goes out to my new best friend, Marguerite Perrin. I'm sure she doesn't know it, because the internet is a high-speed connection to dark-sided shit, but damn!! That woman is a blog traffic gold mine!!

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