Thursday, November 03, 2005

NYCLU: Random Bag Searches Illegal...

... except when we're the ones who are scared of getting blown up.

Stunning hypocrisy. From the left of all places!

So, let me get this straight. It's illegal for the city of New York to randomly search bags on the transit system, but it's perfectly a-okay, hunkey-dorey, peachey-keen for them to be searched when entering buildings (who happen to house the NYCLU).

Have we all of a sudden determined that terrorists are only partial to certain stationery targets? 'Cause I kinda' got the impression that lately, they've been on a Fear Factor kick trying to blow up people on moving objects while collecting burkas in the shortest amount of time so that the winner gets praise from a screaming Joe Rogan and a direct, one-way ticket to his or her 72 virgins. (Random CoD? aside: Do female suicide bombers get gang banged by 72 male virgins, or is it that once they've met Allah they all of a sudden have acquire a taste for the ladies?).

Either the NYCLU seems to think the terrorists have scaled back their ambitions a bit... or they're just a bunch of hypocritcal chicken shits.

I report, you decide.

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