Wednesday, November 30, 2005

The T.O. Defense Team

As a Pennsylvania native and proud Eagles fan, I'm ashamed to admit Karol beat me to this. I had read about it earlier, but just didn't have the time to post on it. (Those Russians will take any and every opportunity to beat you to the punch when they can.... Trust.)

Because Congress doesn't have anything else to worry about. Because Owens hasn't had enough big (albeit, pointless) names come to his defense. Because this truly is the greatest injustice to grace the wide world of sports. Enter Arlen Specter....

I'll be honest, I originally questioned the Eagles reasoning behind a punishment as severe as this. But the more people keep coming to Owens' defense, the more I stand firm behind it. It's true that he committed no crime. But he was a disruption. He repeatedly badmouthed not only the team, but his quarterback. And he was given numerous chances to straighten his act out.

He didn't.

So some hot shot wide receiver can't play football for the next couple of weeks.... Forgive me if I'm less than sympathetic to his plight. Maybe by not being able to catch touchdowns and do his patented "I'm-The-Shit" skits in the end-zone, T.O. might finally start to realize that football (like most sports) is a team effort.

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