Sunday, December 11, 2005

Best Film Opening Scene

With no Desperate Housewives, no new episode of The Family Guy, no point in watching the Eagles fumble the ball in overtime to lose to the the Giants, and no heat in the apartment, I spent the better part of my Sunday evening curled up under a blanket or 12 watching movies. It was during one of these flicks that the inspiration hit for this post.

What are the best opening scenes in the world of film?

I thought about it for a little bit and compiled my Top 3:

3. The Two Towers - Gandalf. A Balrog. In freefall. I saw the movie 3 more times in the theater just for those first 5 minutes.

2. Star Wars: A New Hope - The title. The C major chord. The scrawl. When I saw the re-released version in the theater I was grinning like a fool. .... And then came the Star Destroyer.

And of course....

1. Jaws - It's dark. Only moonlight. You see a teenage girl swimming in the ocean. Then she's quickly jerked under. She resurfaces. She screams. She struggles. She's pushed to a buoy. More screaming. Then she's gone. No blood. No fins. Nothing except your imagination of what just killed poor Chrissie. (Note: The link will take you to a 30 second synopsis of the film. .... As interpreted by bunnies.)

Feel free to disagree, concur, or add any you feel I forgot.

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