Wednesday, December 28, 2005

The Death Of The Band Geek

There seems to be a growing interest in a certain high school extracurricular activity that may very well cause the extinction of the famously nerdy "band dork".

An increasing number of students are aiming high and trying out for their school's varsity bowling team.

In an effort to destigmatize the sport and avoid the nerd/geek/dork stereotypes that have befallen those involved in activities like marching band, chess club, and debate team, bowlers are looking to "change the image" of the "sport" through the cunning use of terminology.

No longer will the edge-of-your-seat showdowns take place in bowling "alleys". The infinitely more hip terms "houses" or "centers" will be the arenas for the bowling gods and goddesses. Owners say those terms

... sound nicer.
Sign. Me. Up.

While this is joyous news for the freaks and geeks, I still feel the days in which the captain of the bowling team will reign as Prom King are a few decades off.

Maybe it was his tussled locks. Maybe his 1993 American Eagle necklace. Maybe his wicked-ass bowling hook. Whatever it was... Jimmy got laid that night.

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