Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Always Sentimental Remind Me

Ok. So this blog has quickly become an extension of Google Video, and for that I apologize. I promise that a more opinion based, current event themed blog will return shortly.

It's just.... some of this stuff is just too damn good to not pass on. I do it for you guys.

Meet Tony (aka Jon Lovitz).

Tony's gonna' sing a song for you. A song you have all heard before. It will be quite painful at times as he's a little shady on the lyrics and his tone is a bit, well... off. His dance moves aren't that great either. But just remember... he's singing it for you.

(If you can stick around for the full 3 minute, 37 second ordeal, he does a nice little fade out at the end.)

Thanks to my buddy Chris, sitting behind me at work.

*** The video doesn't seem to be up anymore. I'll look into it tomorrow at work and find out what the dilly is.***

***** The wookmeister says it's back, and seems to be running.*****

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