Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Them Damn Greedy Gays

Remember when the fight for "gay" rights was about attaining equality and social acceptance?

Yeah... neither do I.

Lately, those in charge of heading up our "cause" have been growing increasingly greedy in terms of what qualifies as "acceptance". Ace had touched upon this a couple weeks ago when Hollywood's Gift to Gaydom, Brokeback Mountain was released. Basically, there was an implication made that if straights don't see the flick, they're more than likely bigots. Obviously, that was refuted with the fact that well... maybe straight guys just aren't all that interested in seeing a gay film. Boggles the mind, I know.

But there's this ever increasing movement within the gay community to paint anyone who shows even the slightest animosity towards homosexuality as a closed-minded, middle-American, zealot. Just last week, GLAAD (Gee, Let's All Act Defamed) took movie critic Gene Shalit to task for his use of the phrase "sexual predator" in his review of HGGBM. A movie review folks. From a guy who has a gay son....

No longer are we looking for mere acceptance. You not only have to tolerate us, but you must like us, love us, watch us do what we do, praise us, and generally fellate our egos until we've had enough and decide to roll over to go to sleep. If you don't? You're a bigot.

No longer are we looking for equal rights. We don't just want marriage. We want special protections and hate crimes legislation. We want birth certificates changed to reflect same-sex parents. We want schools specifically for GLBT students and we want sections of prisons set aside to keep safe those in our community that break the law.

W. T. F?!?

The sad fact is that every new issue that pops up, every tiny and insignificant case of "defamation" that is fussed over, puts the larger goal of equal rights that much further out of reach. These organizations (such as GLAAD and the ACLU) are creating an atmosphere of politically correct entitlement for the people they represent - anything can be taken as offensive nowadays. They continually divide the population, fighting for the little things by highlighting our differences instead of fighting for the larger ones by illustrating our similarities.

Just imagine the progress that could be made if that were reversed.

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