Wednesday, January 04, 2006

For The Nookie

Fred Durst wants to be a director (c'mon)
a director (c'mon)
So you can take this Oscar and stick it up your (yeah)
stick it up your (yeah)
stick it up your (yeah)


But it's not easy being Fred. Apparently that little band of his has been holding him back:

All Limp Bizkit being successful did was hurt me and get in the way of the movie business.

It's a tragic story really. All I can think about are the countless other successful musical artists out there, being pulled down by the weight of their horrible misfortune, wanting nothing more than to direct films. Let that be a lesson to ya'. Fame and fortune? ... Nothing but a dead end street.

Fred's not gonna let that stop him, however. No siree.
I want to be beside Martin Scorsese and Wes Anderson and Paul Thomas Anderson and Francis Ford Coppola. I'm a real director.

... In other news, Britney hopes that her idea for an upcoming children's novel (illustrated by her mutil-talented dancer/rapper/deadbeat husband) finds itself among the works of Hemmingway, Dostoevsky, or at the very least, Judy Blume.

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