Friday, January 13, 2006

Frivolous Lawsuit #25187493

Man dies from complications from a neck surgery he required after ducking and trying to avoid a shrimp thrown at a restaurant. Family seeks 10M from said restaurant.

I've never eaten there, but apparently at Benihana, that's part of their thing. They throw food... you catch it in your mouth. It's fun... especially if you can't quite seem to manage the chopsticks, these little theatrics ensure you won't starve.

This of course is only the case when the chef is a decent shot and you don't go into spasms when seeing seafood in mid-air. When that happens, the fun ends....

And apparently lawsuits begin....

Mr. Lee, stunned by the Westerners astounding resilience to live squid, silently plotted a Plan B. The logistics were hazy, but he knew it would involve shrimp. Yes... flying shrimp.

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