Thursday, January 12, 2006

I'm Thinking Of Moving

... from Blogger.

I had sent out an email to a couple blog-allies about a week ago inquiring as to their thoughts and feelings on TypePad and got some mixed reviews. It seems like it would be the next logical step if I'm looking to "upgrade", but I'll be honest and admit that I'm semi-retarded when it comes to the various blogging options out there.

So pretty much I'm just looking for whatever you, my loyal reader, may or may not know about the topic. Suggestions, warnings, pros/cons... that type of thing. You've heard such-and-such is great, but this-and-that really blow. Anything really. Just to help out in the decision making process.

In return for your services, I'll send each and every one of you an autographed copy of the most recent and up-to-date MTA New York City subway map. If I happen to go with something you suggest, I'll even throw in a PATH schedule, paw-printed by my dog.

It's a win-win really.

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