Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Brains Vs. "Racism!!"

The Malcontent has a nifty little feature called Gay Bits that's posted on a fairly regular basis. The most recent edition included a link to a blogger I've heard of (but never regularly read) and his seeming obsession with another blogger (I've more or less looked at instead of reading).

Regardless of the tumultuous background between these two guys, I started browsing around to see what the deal was. Toby, after at least a month and a half of posting nothing but personal stories about his life's ups and downs in D.C., decided to jump onto the current political bandwagon via the issue of illegal immigration by taking Ethan to task for his use of capitalization when typing "illegal aliens". Here's 98% of the absolute throttling Toby dished out:

You know, when you type ILLEGAL ALIENS in all caps, it almost makes it seem like you know what you're talking about.
And for what it's worth, if you replaced "ILLEGAL ALIENS" with "people", I don't think the argument would be as effective, so congrats on your keen public debate skillz, Brat Boi.

ZING!! Look at those mad debate skills in effect! I humbly bow to the supreme knowledge and insight possessed by the one and only TOBY.

Did you catch that part where he totally schooled Ethan on why building a wall or criminalizing illegals is a bad thing? No? Huh....

Check the comments then.

.... Still nothing?

That's so odd. Why would you ever take someone to task for giving their opinion without in turn countering with an alternative? I guess it's just easier to scream "racism" rather than having to present or defend one's own opinion nowadays. Pretty pathetic. Because this is a serious problem that could stand some informed debate.

(I'll let Toby off the hook this time though. He is kinda cute.)

**UPDATE** Toby's back on the hook. In typical 4th grade fashion, he pitched a fit, through around some "assholes", and closed the comments to that thread. The blogging equivalent of hanging up on someone. Well played Tobe... well played indeed.

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