Saturday, April 22, 2006

Saturday Morning Evening Vids **Updated**

This clip is from the straight-to-video smash Southern cult flick White Trash: My Daughter Ain't No Whore.

This one is a montage from an independent documentary called Pride - The College Years: Parents Look Back At Money Well Spent.

This one is from a TV show called QVC. Apparently people too lazy to actually walk to a store can shop via TV and callers call in and tell them how much they love their new product. This guy really loves his new Dell.

And finally we have a real find for you. Allegedly stolen from DailyKos's family archives, this home movie of the young blogger shows his holiday excitement up receiving a Nintendo. Titled, Kos: Keepin' It Kool, one can only imagine that his reaction to a Democratic win in the 2008 election would exceed the insanity witnessed here.

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