Sunday, April 23, 2006

Extremists? What Extremists?

There seems to be a growing sense of apathy that is spreading throughout this country in regards to the threat of terrorism. Just last week the Kos kids took a poll to see how many were "over 9/11". Ironic, considering that just three days earlier, a pro-suicide bombing rally took place at the Israeli consulate in New York City.

Not that one could blame the Kosies for being unaware of this. Do a Google or Yahoo News search for "Israeli consulate rally" and you'll get one hit that deals with the actual event. Were in not for Michelle Malkin, I would've never known that it even took place. (She linked to NEFA which has video of the rally.)

How is this sort of thing not news? How does it go unreported in the papers, unnoticed in networks? We have a group of extremists who have praised the 9/11 hijackers as "The Magnificent 19" shouting through a microphone that "the mushroom cloud is on its way." And they're doing it in mid-town Manhattan.

We are not even 5 years removed from 9/11. The same people that chided and denounced Bush and his administration for resting on their laurels and doing nothing to prevent the attacks despite the "obvious warnings" have now taken on the same laissez faire attitude that allowed them to happen in the first place. It's frightening that this attitude has arisen so quickly.

People have cried that it's "too soon" for films such as Flight 93 and World Trade Center. Based on the look-the-other-way stance this country seems to be taking on, I'd say they're a bit too late.

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