Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Well We're Outta Cake!

Well folks, I think this is it - CoD? is going into retirement.

A bunch of reasons have contributed to this decision, not one of them remotely interesting. The long and short of it is I just don't feel I have much to say (or maybe I do and I'm just too lazy to log-on to Blogger).

There's a chance I will be back. Different format maybe. Blogging from a different state possibly. I may even have man-boobs by then. Who knows.... (hint: the Shadow knows...)

So a thank you to everyone reading this. A thank you to anyone who's ever linked to me, who's ever commented, who's ever stumbled across this site and proclaimed it the Eighth Wonder of the World.

... I'll see ya' 'round.

Shit... Almost forgot:

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