Thursday, October 12, 2006

A Letter To The Writers Of Lost

Dear JJ, Damon, etal:

By the time I had been forced to wait week-to-week to find out what would happen to the survivors of Oceanic Flight 815, the 2nd season was more than half over. At that point, the show was steam-rollin' along. The Tailies teamed up with the Fuselagies, Michael's dialogue was reduced to dramatic readings of the phrases "I want my boy!" or "Where's my son?", and the once stalwart Locke was loosing his faith in The Button. Having experienced the first 30 or so episodes within the span of two weeks, I found the drastic changes of the characters very entertaining. Once I was all caught up with the rest of the world, I was hooked.

And then the season 2 finale. Hot damn. Michael betrays the other survivors. Jack, Sawyer, and Kate are captured by that bug-eyed "Henry Gale" and his clan of Others. And the hatch effing explodes. Some questions answered. Some remained. October couldn't come fast enough.

Well now, October's here. We're two weeks into the highly anticipated 3rd season, and I gotta' ask: What the fuck happened? Historically, at 10pm on Wednesdays, my roommates and I would sit around bouncing different theories off each other. I'd spend the following Thursdays talking about the show with co-workers, emailing friends and family about it, textbook dorky watercooler stuff.

Now I'm watching Kate and Sawyer mine rocks for some reason. Gauging Jack's reaction the Red Sox winning the World Series. And witnessing a pregnant Sun go all Rambo (ok, that was kinda' cool).

My point is, you can't just incessantly pile on questions without providing any answers. It was more or less tit-for-tat in the past, but nothing that was presented in the finale has been explained so far this season. I know we're only two episodes in, and that's why I'll continue to tune in. But for the love. A bone every now and then would be much appreciated. At the very least, if you're not going to answer shit, stop with what appears to be pointless filler.

We know Sawyer's a badass who constantly gets beat up. We know Kate has an ass for days. We know Jack is a stubborn know-it-all.

A little help. Please.

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