Thursday, October 12, 2006

Next Stop On Crazy-Train: Killtown

As promised, here's another little run-down of the retards found in the "truth movement":

Killtown is a bit different from our previous friend Spooked in that Spooked is genuinely dumb, while KT is genuinely an asshole. (As well as dumb.) His "claim to fame" derives from the work he's done exposing Val McClatchey's End of Serenity photograph of the Flight 93 crash as a fraud. He does this using the three main tools any respectable conspiracy nut wouldn't be caught dead without:

- Shoddy math.

- Faulty reasoning.

- Microsoft Paint.

It's apparently even gotten him a mention in the Wall Street Journal. The bitch of it is, he says no one has debunked his work. If you feel like wading through 71 pages on an internet forum, the debunking can be found here. But even more telling is the fact this douche has yet to get any of it verified. If it's that sound, and that accurate, the implications that serious, you think he'd take this information to the authorities and become an even bigger hero.

But no. This kid would rather sit behind his computer monitor and anonymously harass and cast doubt on a woman who's only crime was snapping a photo that morning. He's speculated on everything short of what she had for breakfast that day in an attempt to gain notoriety and fame in the CT world.

And his penchant for conspiracies don't end with 9/11. Yesterday's plane crash in Manhattan has sparked a new wave of retardedness throughout the retarded 1/4th of the population, and KT has hopped right on board. My favorite "find" of his:
Now the address of the building is 524 E 72nd St.
7 + 2 = 9
5 + 2 + 4 = 11

That's right folks. 524 E 72nd Street is the ONLY address in Manhattan that adds up to 9/11.... And let's not forget this glaring fact.

Good God in Heaven. We're all going to die.
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