Thursday, October 19, 2006

This Bandwagon's Done Lost A Wheel 'N Things Are Gettin Right Bumpy

... Oliver Perez? Willie Randolph is starting Oliver Perez in Game 7 of the first NLCS the Mets have seen in 6 years? The game that decides who goes to the World Series is in the hands of Oliver. Effing. Perez?

Yeah, okay... he won Game 4 a couple days ago. But he did it with an ERA that was higher than his entire regular season average of 6.55.

Now, I'd hopped on this Queens-bound bandwagon the moment the Yankees all gathered in their dugout to take a collective crap on each other. I'd like to stay on this bandwagon too - it's my last shot this year to root, root, root for the home team. But this just seems like a reckless decision. There may be no other alternative for a starting pitcher, but... God. It still just seems really reckless.

Oh well.... Here's to hoping.

At the very least, I get 9 more innings of David Wright....

(Sorry babe.... That's the gayest picture I've ever seen of you... I had to post it. Prime rib tonight for dinner, don't be late.)

**Correction** The Mets went to the Fall Classic in '00 so it hasn't been 20 years since they've been in the NLCS like I originally posted. Thanks to my buddy Chris for pointing this out. Unlike me, he's not gay, so he knows shit like this.

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