Thursday, October 19, 2006

Too Fat To Die

Jeffrey Lundgren, a clut leader who's sitting on death row, has been granted a delay in execution so he can pursue a lawsuit contesting the state's use of lethal injection.

In his request to join the lawsuit, Lundgren, 56, said he is at even greater risk of experiencing pain and suffering during the procedure than other inmates because he is overweight and diabetic.

And God forbid Jeffrey experience some pain and suffering for murdering a family of 5 because Jesus told him to. The lawsuit argues:

...that the way chemicals used in lethal injection are administered makes the process painful enough to amount to cruel and unusual punishment, in violation of the constitution.

Quite frankly, I've never understood the concept of criminal's rights. Laws are in effect to keep peace and civility. You violate that, and you're "right" to be protected by them is null and void. I don't care if J.C. was in on it or not. The "cruel" part I can wrap my brain around. I just couldn't give two shits how much it hurts you. The "unusual" bit perplexes me though. What is unusual punishment? It's not like we draw-and-quarter people any more. Iron maiden's are no longer en vouge. Is giving someone a shot really all that abnormal?

I think that instead of protecting criminals from receiving "cruel and unusual" punishment, that we should bestow upon them the right to be given "quick and standard" punishment. A gunshot to the back of the head would do the trick. And the effectiveness of this new method wouldn't hinge upon any medical conditions you may or may not have - such as your body's inability to produce insulin.

Everybody can take part!

You die quick, and my tax dollars can then go to the next death-row inmate who wants lobster and filet mignon for his last meal.

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