Tuesday, November 14, 2006

This Just Hit Me

Sometimes it takes awhile for thoughts to rise up through my subconscious (no doubt a result of performing mind-numbing, menial tasks for the insurance industry), but something Kevin has over on his sidebar jogged my memory.

Last week, I was watching CNN's coverage of the elections and one of the first things I remember them reporting was that there were a number of precincts throughout the country that were having problems with the electronic voting machines.

Now, as the night went on, this story fell by the wayside as the votes came in and winners were declared, something I found odd, considering the turmoil surrounding some of our recent elections. The 2000 election kicked it off, and by '04, reporting on voter fraud or was all the rage, as well it should've been - it's kinda' important.

But despite the Democratic victory, the races last week were just as tight as the previous election. Obviously, CNN was just setting the stage for what could've turned into an ugly voting mess, but as I said before, after the initial report on the electronic voting machines, the story never resurfaced. Indeed, over the past 6 days, I've yet to see any major stories regarding the voting process even though they were a dime a dozen in the weeks and months leading up to Decision '06.

So, were those precincts able to work out the kinks? Is the issue of electronic voting machines no longer a concern and we're good to go for '08?

.... Or is the media just content with the Democrat victory?

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