Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Spam And Stupid

Every now and then I'll check my spam folder on Gmail just to see what kind of trash is coming in and to make sure that it actually is trash.

Well today I check and I see a subject line:

GRANDMCAS Dpeep Fqucked

Now, is that entirely necessary? Kudos to Grandma for getting it on, but do we need the added description of depth?

Having piqued my curiosity however, I open the email:

Hrot GRANDMIAS Rxubs Her Wzet Pcussy

A Rpedhead GRANNWY Tieasing With Vnibo

Fantastic! All the mental images I need to get through my day. I apologize, but I had to pzass my pxain on to you, my fraithful rzeaders.

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