Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Long Time No Blog

Couple weeks ago I alluded to the fact that a move was coming up and I promised to expound upon that, so... here it is.

I'm leaving New York. Heading back to Central PA. It's true what they say about the smell of cow shit.... Once you smell it, once it gets inside you, it's a part of you forever. Having grown up around the stuff, I find myself beholden to its power. Therefore, I must go.

Ok, now the real reason. Well... it pretty much comes down to why most people leave the city (money, rent, smells from New Jersey) with a couple personal reasons sprinkled into the mix. It is definitely a bitter-sweet move. I'm gonna' miss this town a ton.

But I'm only a 3-hour car ride away. That's right. CAR. A mode of personal transportation where I can comfortably sit and sing along with Britney if I so choose without having to reach into my pocket pretending to look for change for the smelly homeless-dude-who's-not-really-homeless-and-just-begs-on-the-subways-as-a-part-time-job guy. ... So I will be visiting.

But that's why there's been little to no posting. Busy looking for jobs, looking for apartments, looking for that CAR. And it will probably stay that way until after the move and things start to settle into the cow-patties and what not.

Of course, if the Eagles pull off a miracle, then you can damn well bet I'll be posting about that.

Until then, or until the move, take care and I'll see ya in the Keystone State.

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