Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Big, Fat, Ugly Lesbians: Take Two

So that's Rosie O's kid, dressed as a "soldier". It's a still shot taken from this little montage The Big R posted on her site that is set to charming, yet slower version of "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun".

The problem I have with this, well.... For starters, sure... kids play GI Joe, "Cops and Robbers", and chase each other around the playground playing little war strategy games all the time. However, normally those games are played by boys. Not to stereotype, but girls are usually off playing four-square, making little paper fortune telling devices, or discussing Mary Kate's current eating disorder. They're usually not donning outfits with fake .50 caliber ammunition around their chests - even those being raised by big, fat, ugly lesbians.

Which leads me to believe that this was more O'FuckTard's idea than it was her daughter's. As a matter of fact, given O'FT's stance on terrorism (being that US Troops are the only real terrorists in the world), I'd bet my third nut this whole thing was to "make a statement".

Which means she's prostituting a child... her child... to further her warped political ideas. What's worse is that, as liberals are wont to do, she's attempting to shield herself from possible criticism through the cunning use of "it's just art".

The irony of this whole situation is that O'FT refuses to acknowledge that children her daughter's age are in fact dressing just like that, only with real weapons. The parents of these children are the terrorists O'FT just can't seem recognize as a legitimate threat.

Rosie is the poster-whale for why big, fat, ugly, lesbian, liberal retards should not be allowed to raise children.

.... In other O'FuckTard news, it is coming to light that the reason she did not get the Price Is Right gig is due to the fact that even the union labor for the studio was not willing to invest the time that would've been required to reinforce the stage with titanium cross-supports.

From an unnamed source, "Three new cars, a camper, a brand new hot-tub, and a round trip vacay to the Swiss Alps? The stage was built to handle that kind of stress. Big, fat, ugly, lesbians? ... Not so much."

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