Friday, July 06, 2007

I've Been Tagged.... Twice

Not as kinky as it sounds, unfortunately. Well... I guess it could be, depending on what exactly I choose to disclose. Ha! Who we kiddin' folks.... That would require I actually bump naughty bits at least once a year.

Anyway... this is basically like a blog chain-letter sans the promise of an eternity in hell should you not comply. NDT tagged me back in mid-June (I know... I need to start reading my own blog more often), and Kev tagged me a couple days later. The memes are basically the same - Little Known Facts About You. NDT required eight, Kevin needed seven so I have decided to combine them to give you....


1. There are more pictures of my dog in my apartment than there are of me.

2. There are WAY more pictures of my engaged roommates....

3. The only pictures of me that are on display include either my roommates, my dog, or most likely both.

4. I don't take good pictures.

5. I have actually tried practicing a "picture pose" in the mirror so I can be more prepared when the shutters start clicking.

6. Based on #'s 1-3, I have yet to discover that pose.

7. If a good picture of me is actually taken, you can rest assured that there's a 99% chance someone else is in the frame fucking it up.

8. I am no longer friends with those people.

9. With the exception of one.

10. She'd give me a black eye if I didn't clarify that.

11. And then I'd really be fucked.

12. At least as long as it would take for the black eye to heal.

13. But then seriously.... we're just back to Square One, and we've all learned how that's worked out thus far. (See #'s 1-3 for those in need of a refresher course.)

14. .... Where was I?

15. Oh yeah.... I hate cameras.

Technically speaking I'm supposed to "tag" 15 other people to open up some deep, dark part of their lives publicly on their blog, but.... I just got a haircut a couple days ago and have renewed hope that The Pose is still attainable.

I am off to the mirror.

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