Tuesday, September 18, 2007


So we've all heard the story of Andrew Meyer, the fucking retard who got his ass tasered because he "asked too many questions."

Well, things are starting to look like this whole thing was planned. From his pre-filmed behavior of cutting in line, to his posturing at the mic after his time was up, to his refusal to calm down, all while his girlfriend is filming this? C'mon.

He wanted to cause a scene. He wanted to get taken into custody. He wanted to get the police on film using excessive force. He's even on film saying that the police were going to kill him.

Not suprisingly, Mr. Meyer is a Truther. Truther's are always on about the impending police state and how FEMA is setting up death camps for any government dissenters and blah blah blah.

The bitch of it is - and this is the part the retards can't seem to grasp - is that if you have to stage a police state scene, the odds are pretty damn good you're not actually living in one.

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