Tuesday, January 15, 2008

... And These People Can Vote?

The town clerk of Sutton, New Hampshire incurred the wrath of Ron Paul supporters following last week's primary election. Jennifer Call tells the Concord Monitor she somehow ended up recording that Paul received no votes in her town out of the 920 cast. But by the next morning the mistake had been fixed, and Paul received credit for 31 votes.

Call says over the next few hours she received about 40 calls from Paul supporters. Some falsely claimed they were media looking into a story about voter fraud. Others yelled she had committed treason. One said she should be shot. She also received enough calls at home that she locked her doors, unhooked her answering machine and requested an unlisted number.

Of her experience with Paul supporters, Call says — "most of these people are not rational."

I wonder how a presidential candidate whose supporters issue death threats can carry on? Paul has already tried to dodge the whole 9/11 thing which actually garnered his initial support. He has repeatedly stated he does not endorse those theories... but ever so gently. He can't help what his supporters think. It's not what he thinks. But they are entitled to think whatever they want.

Of course the 'tards chalk his renouncement of them up to "he's just saying that 'cause he has to". And thank God for that. Because the second they start taking him at his word is the second they abandon his cause. And that's the second Paul turns into a nobody and the second the news gets a little more boring.

Wonder how they'll take it if he comes out saying, "Please don't threaten to kill people."

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