Friday, January 25, 2008

The Gayelles Are Coming

Good Lord.

A Group of lesbians who are unhappy with the title have launched a world-wide movement to change the name of their sexuality to “gayelle”. Websites devoted to the change are springing up, with the motivation said to be a “persistent distaste for the word lesbian.”
A persistent distaste for the word "lesbian"? Is that what the homosexual community is now focusing on? What words we find distasteful? I know, I know. I shouldn't be shocked.

C'mon, folks. If you are the type of person to be so easily offended by a word, then my guess is that your issues run a tad deeper than Webster's Dictionary.

The word lesbian is antiquated; it is not representative of modern times,
and or, of persons with modern views. Lesbian does not sound cheerful and fun,
nor does it mean merry, like the word gay does....

It. Is. A. WORD! Sweet baby Jesus in a manger. Stop letting combinations of the alphabet define your happiness in this world. Be proud of who you are because you are you. Not because one aspect of your being is described by a word that a few deem "antiquated" or "not fun". Go out and make your sweet, female homosexual love, get on with your damn life, and stop choosing these ridiculously stupid battles!

Besides. Does this....

... really conjure up images of a "gayelle"?

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