Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Faux Outrage, Take #37,551

The Left is once again all in a tizzy over Michigan resident Shirley Nagel not handing out treats to kids (and their parents) who support Obama.  Now granted, the woman is acting like an overzealous nutjob.  A.) These kids can't vote, and B.) their parents have made up their mind already anyway.  Denying them candy certainly isn't going to help get McCain elected.

What's worse though?  A random douchebag refusing to hand out candy to The Messiah's apostles or a talk radio host calling for the death of Joe the Plumber?  (Audio at the link.)

You can guess which story is being covered more.

Keep in mind that Don Imus was fired for his "nappy" comment last year.  What are the odds that this "Karel" guy, who's openly gay, faces any repercussions for his words?  Also keep in mind that, were the roles reversed and Joe called for the death of a gay guy, that's hate speech.

But this fag doesn't hate Joe the Plumber.  He just wants him dead.

UPDATE:  Well color me shocked.  Looks like Karel was fired!  Of course, he apologized for the statements that were caught on tape, right?  Well... not so much.
"Weekends are cheap and they were using a cheap engineer for my show," he said. "My show shouldn't have had an inexperienced engineer for my show, which is done remotely, and in which the host doesn't have an on/off switch on his mic. They put an inexperienced driver in the seat and the show crashed."
Right.  The fact that the vehicle he was driving was running on a tank of fumes that had just ignited I'm sure had nothing to do with it.  

... Accountability, where arts thou?

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