Monday, September 26, 2005

Cindy Sheehan: An Annulment

To The Two-Timing Whore Slut Bitch Whore Sheehan:

Burn. In. Hell.

What the fuck is this!?!?!

And to think I ever trusted you. To think that I loved you! I turn on the news today to see you not only get arrested, but fondled!!! By a cop!!! With a shit-eating, media-whoring grin on your face!! "Hey! Look at what mommy's doing now Casey!! Woo-hoo! Wish you were here!!"

Go fuck yourself. Tramp. This was nothing but a stunt. You lost your spotlight for 2 seconds and you think, "Hey! I'll just get arrested and fingered in front of the White House and, BAM! Prime-Time Cindy rides again!"

Congratulations on not only destroying me, but whoring yourself out in every way possible.


Go die.

- Chad

PS - Could you get me that cop's number?

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