Friday, November 25, 2005

Faith In One's Convictions

Oh, those crazy San Franciscans. "No guns allowed!!" they screamed. "Not in this town. No way. No how. San Fran is to be a safe place. Free of violent gun crime. And that is why we are giving our toll collectors at the Golden Gate...."


I honestly had no idea that the toll for crossing the bridge had gone up so much that motorists were prone to pullin' out their 9mm and poppin' the poor putz in the booth. I was always under the impression that people with guns were out to rob banks to get hundreds of thousands of dollars. Not to shoot poor Willie just so you could save five bucks.

... the Golden Gate Bridge is typically a friendly environment for toll takers, with some motorists giving them gifts of chocolates or flowers during the winter holiday season.

Down!!!Down!!!Down!!! She's got roses!!

The folks that are wearing them are pleased to have that added psychological edge.

The I-don't-give-a-fuck-what-kind-of-chocolatey-assortment-you-have

h/t: Dave

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