Friday, November 03, 2006

Sex, Drugs, And Jesus Christ

No, not from Andrew Sullivan. From the leader of an Evangelical church who's a married father of five.

.... Oopsie.

The allegations were made Tuesday and Wednesday on Denver radio station KHOW by Mike Jones, who said he was a male prostitute and had a three-year sexual relationship with Haggard, with the last tryst occurring in August. He also said Haggard used methamphetamine during their encounters.

Now granted, this story is still developing and who knows, maybe Jones is lying, but regardless, it still makes me smile. Although it's gotta suck for mom and the kids, and I do feel bad for them as their lives as they once knew them are pretty much shot to shit at the moment.

But as far as Haggard himself goes? Boo-yah bitch! You reap what you sow. At least the sodomites you rail against in your sermons didn't have to pay for it.

**UPDATE** Stealing a page right from Clinton's best-selling tome "I Did But I Didn't", Haggard now admits to buying the meth, but claims he then threw it away. Now personally, I can kinda' relate to that. I often will buy illegal substances only to never use them for their intended purpose. I once bought 5 dime-bags of coke 'cause we had run out of that fake snow stuff to decorate the mantle with for Christmas. Look for the "I blew, but never swallowed" line followed by, "Well it depends on what your definition of the word 'is' is."

... Any minute now.

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