Sunday, December 10, 2006

Keepin' Hope Alive

Eagles over 'Skins, 21-19. This is one of those games I was actually glad it wasn't aired up here. To watch first-hand an 18 point lead dissolve throughout the second half is not something I'm mentally capable of doing, only because this was a game that was needed.

However, the realist in me just looks at this win as delaying the inevitable. Giants on the road next week. Dallas on the road the following. Atlanta at home after that. Three division rivals, three must win games. Possible I guess. But Mr. Realist says, "Not bloody likely."

The mindless fan in me, though, holds out hope. Crazier things have happened. Look at Pittsburgh's run last year. Yeah, McNabb is out, but Garcia, while not as dynamic, is certainly a capable leader, and he can make plays. And the team is good. Which is what makes their 7-6 record so frustrating. They can play. They can win (although sometimes not pretty.) They can make the playoffs. They can beat Big Blue, the 'Boys, and the other Birds.

They can go back to the SuperBowl....

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